Frequently Asked Questions

As a homeowner, when do I need to consider replacing my roof? Are there any warning signs?

Call the Alpine Roofing Team today if you suspect any of the following:

Rusted or missing flashings
Broken or damaged shingles
Wind Damage
Visible Cracks
Missing Shingles
Decaying or rotting shingles
Cracked or discolored interior drywall (this can be wallpapered or painted)
Evidence of leaking on your ceilings
Loss of the asphalt granulation (they will look like bald spots on your roof)
Curling Shingles

I have a leaky roof, does it need to be completely replaced right away?

No. That’s not always the case. Leaks can happen when flashings have come loose or a portion of the roofing system has become damaged. When a full roof system failure occurs, it will most likely be time to replace your entire roof. A complete failure of the roofing system can occur from the use of incorrect roofing materials or installation practices that were not supervised properly.

Is there a particular season that works best to replace and/or repair my roof?

No. Any season is a great time to consider a new roofing system or preform a repair. Call the Alpine Roofing Team today to learn more.